Type Of Service Agreement Prepaid Or Postpaid Contract
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What prepaid services should you consider? We think MetroPCS has the best plan for individuals, with its 5GB plan of $40 a month, which offers a lot of data for that price. If you don`t use a lot of data, Republic Wireless and its prices of $5 per gigabyte in plus $15 for unlimited speech and text means you can get 2GB of data for $25 a month. We also like the flexibility of Project Fi (provided you use a phone from Google`s wireless service): it calculates $10 per gigabyte, but it writes you all the data you don`t use, while increasing the monthly bills to $80, even if you use more data. The main drawback of prepaid phone plans is actually the flip side of everything we just said! While potential shock bills from Postpaid plans are avoided, prepaid plans could leave you high and dry if you don`t have credit and you really need to call or use mobile data. You can`t. At least, not without recharging at a price. Do you want to pay in advance for your phone service and may not have credit when you expire? Or would you rather have an infinite amount of calls, messages and data, but take the risk of being charged? Maybe your decision will be completely crazy by the nature of the plan that offers the biggest boom for your goat. Postpaid plans are available on four lengths, usually in the form of contracts – a monthly automatic renewal base, 12 months, 24 months or even 36 months. Monthly and postpaid plans of 12 months are usually SIM-only, with these 24 months or more in general, including a new handset. When it comes to 12-month postpaid plans, this is where big guys like Telstra and Optus come to play, offers great value for customers willing to commit for a whole year. Some suppliers may offer plans on other lengths, for example.B. six months, but these are generally not too frequent.

Postpaid mobile plans are usually put in place as a 12-month contract, sometimes 24 months, with an ongoing car extension, which is extended on a monthly basis. Each month you will receive an invoice and at the end of this billing cycle, your plan inclusions will be automatically updated. The difference between prepaid and postpaid is determined by when you pay. As our sim-only plans are paid in advance, this means that you always pay your plan 28 days in advance on a monthly basis. As shown in the tables above, it is quite neck and neck, at least in space without a contract. Prepaid plans offer much more value for money than before, however, it should be noted that 12 months of postpaid plans typically offer most of the data in exchange for your commitment. If you like the flexibility of a no lock-in, you can be torn between flexibility and contained value. You can always try to change the Telco for a month and then to a contract if you are satisfied with the service.