Together Union Eba Agreement
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As a collaborator, you can choose to join your respective union as part of this negotiation process and get in touch with them. On 3 October 2018, the Industrial Union of Employees requested assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) for the agreement on the negotiations of the contract negotiations of the public authorities (basic agreement). That is why the negotiations are now in conciliation. Oir is attending conciliation conferences on behalf of the government and will request, if necessary, the presence of representatives of the agencies. In addition, on 3 October 2018, the Industrial Union sought assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in negotiating the basic agreement. As such, the negotiations are now in conciliation proceedings. In the meantime, display a copy of the contract officials (PDF, 288KB). The government and trade union parties will continue to push forward the policy requirements. For more information on union membership, to speak directly to your union representatives, see the list of union contacts. Agreements and working conditions can, of course, be defined by things other than collective agreements and bonuses. In many public sector jobs, for example, working conditions are set by formal guidelines. Union members work together to ensure that workers are treated fairly through these mechanisms.

In accordance with the government`s public sector wage policy, it is expected that employees of the basic agreement will receive a one-time payment for the resolution of negotiations through a certified agreement. On 17 January 2020, an agreement in principle was reached with all parties to the trade union negotiations. Queensland Health has seven important agreements that prescribe wages and other conditions of employment for workers (excluding executives and executives). The Palaszczuk government is currently negotiating a series of new collective agreements for the public sector with public sector unions. For its part, the Palaszczuk government will continue to negotiate in good faith with public sector unions and their members. Public servants who are covered by the basic agreement will receive a 1.75% salary increase from today. The increase in wages is the result of the joint search for a 1.75% increase in premium wages due to state salaries. The government and all parties will now work on a replacement agreement. Once this process is complete, more information on the proposed agreement will be made public and all staff covered by the agreement will be put to a vote.

We call on the federal and federal governments to work with trade unions to halve precarious work over the next ten years. If you have any questions about the contracting process, please contact your union or your agency`s appropriate IR/ER team. The government has just approved the agreement in principle for the basic agreement. If you haven`t ordered yours yet, go to this page and order today: www.together.org.au/get-your-year-planner/ more updates will be provided during the contract implementation process. At that time, payment data resulting from the agreement were not confirmed. However, the government is working to ensure that this is done quickly. The replacement agreement will cover the same key issues that will be addressed in the current agreement, including rates of pay; Classification structures Hours of work Holidays Worker orientation provisions; and many other things. This page contains information about the agreement, the ballot paper and a list of your agency contacts. Voting will begin on March 24, 2020.

Only union members can take protected control measures and only union members can change your employer`s offer.